Green Cube Cafe, Green Power of Three:

Healthful, Fresh and Delicious

Our Mission is to dramatically reduce health risks that associated with Obesity and Diabetics in today’s society.

There are more and more people eat out. But the market is flooded with chains that serve greasy burgers, french fries, sugary cinnamon rolls, pretzels, and beverages made with artificial sweeteners/syrups. Most of people demand healthier food but there is almost no choice.

Green Cube Cafe serves foods with only all natural ingredients. Green Cube food is fast food in name only because it is prepared quickly and easily and can be taken out.  Instead, our concept is to offer fresh ingredients and dressings which the customer chooses at the time of sale and which are tossed into a salad, made into a wrap or mixed into a smoothie, made with IQF fruit, (Instant Quick Frozen fruit that preserve 99% of nutrition from harvest) This is combined with a selection of six to ten types of soups and crepes all made fresh in front of the customer. We also provide a variety of yogurts and gourmet café and bakery items, all freshly baked on premises.

We want to make Green Cube Cafe widely available so to provide choices of healthy food to consumers by opening affordable Green Cube Cafe outlets everywhere, shopping centers/malls, airport/train/bus terminals, busy down-town intersections, center in villages/towns.